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Announcing Dagger & Shadow RPG

I’m very excited about my game-in-development. It’s call Dagger & Shadow.

It’s a fantasy RPG, a game of urban adventures filled with thieves, dark sorcery, and sword-play. The game is heavily influenced by Fritz Leiber’s fantastic Fafhrd and Gray Mouser series, along with a whole other batch of fun fantasy novels featuring thieves, assassins, swordsmen, and dark alley adventure. Another big influence is the Thief video game series, long one of my favorites.

Dagger & Shadow will use a new system I’m working on for the game. In many ways, it’s my most “traditional” RPG design to-date. It has character classes, uses good ol’ fashioned dice, and doesn’t have an “end game” state.

The game’s cleverest feature is the dice and action mechanics. Players roll pools of d6s, adding the highest 2 for a target number. But, any 6s rolled amp up the action with something called Edges. These are specific moves and maneuvers players can mix and match, allowing their characters to create exciting combinations of action.

Stay tuned. I’ll offer up a playtest in a couple months.

Back in the saddle again

Hi everyone. An update is long overdue.

First, on the Dust Devils front, I’m in the process of updating the PDFs so they’re more compatible with up-to-date technology. There are no real content changes here, but it should mean the PDF will work better on various digital devices. I’m still extremely proud of Dust Devils, and it continues to provide me some beer money from time to time.

Second, I’ve been tinkering away on a new design. I’m creating  a fantasy game that’s all about thieves, rogues, and guilds and cities. The working title is “Thievery,” and it’s the result of lots of design noodling that resulted from Indigo, which I’ve mentioned here previously. In other words, Indigo isn’t dead. I’ve got a long way to go to make it something other people might actually use in their designs, but I’m hopeful it will pave the way for more games of my own.

Well, now that I’ve actually announced publicly I’m working on this, I better deliver! I’m the first to admit things I work on don’t always complete. I know that’s frustrating for some, and it’s definitely frustrating for me. So, thanks for your continued interest in my games, and I hope to bring Thievery and more to you within 2012.

Meanwhile! Check out It’s a fun blog I started with the purpose of sharing fun gaming ideas. It has little game hacks, name generators and scenario ideas — that kind of thing. There are some posts there already by myself, Jason Morningstar and Ralph Mazza. If you’re interested in contributing any ideas, I’d love to hear from you.

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