Marketing Co-Operative Proposal, Part 1: Membership

(This is the second post. See Introduction and Proposal for the first post.) Part 1: Membership Entry & Exit Membership must allow for both entry and exit from the co-operative. Membership will inevitably turn over as publishers largely operate as a “spare time” activity. Entry requirements will require both a vetting process from existing members and/or founders, and at least […]

Publishing intrigue and fatigue

I’m still toiling away on a conceptual “white paper” on how indie RPG publishers could form a marketing co-0perative. I sneak it in between toiling away on graduate classes, full time day job, and family life. So, for those I told to look here soon, patience please! As I write this thing, I’m simultaneously intrigued and fatigued. I’m intrigued by […]

44 by the numbers

It’s been three months since I released 44: A Game of Automatic Fear for free. I’m pleased with the reaction so far. People played the game within a week of its release. I expect more will happen as time goes on. Traffic to the 44 blog has been relatively steady, with the usual and expected initial release spike. Page views […]