Layout Contest tutorial part 1: Choosing fonts

I’ve designed over a dozen RPG books over the years. My process isn’t set in stone, but I have some good habits that help me tackle big projects. These first steps are often the most fun. My process isn’t linear. I don’t decide one thing then move on to the next thing. Rather, I have parallel tasks that inform one […]

Layout contest starts June 1

The layout contest is almost here! I just received a last bit of additions to the Conspiracy of Shadows: Dirty Hands text from Keith. And, I received all his CoS artwork to boot. That leaves one last bit of proof-reading on the text additions and finalizing the contest rules. Look for it to kick off this weekend or early next […]

Making shorter RPG texts

I just finished editing the text of Conspiracy of Shadows: Dirty Hands. I can’t say the text is perfect and flawless, but I think it’s much improved. I  hadn’t edited anything in a while, and certainly nothing that long (43,000 words). It’s a robust and “complete” game — it has lots of moving parts and play advice. Good stuff. One […]