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Things are moving

I’ve been extremely busy lately, mostly wrapped up in trying to get my house sold, move my family in with my parents, and then buy a new house.

Somewhere in there I snuck off to GenCon and had a fine time helping Jared Sorenson sell his wares and see old friends. Managed to play a game or two, as well.

And — me and my big mouth — I did an interview with Clyde Rhoer of Theory From the Closet podcast. Keith Senkowski talked about business, marketing, sales, and the indie RPG cottage industry.

Let me make that a bit clearer. Keith and I did our usual, and will probably piss everyone off with our talk, especially when it’s coming from two guys who haven’t done much selling and work in the scene in the last two years (we’ve both been going to school while working full time!).

I look forward to that podcast when Clyde posts it. I expect it to produce at least some sturm and drang, but I’m really interested in actually discussing it with folks substantively.

In the podcast, I didn’t even mention Indigo, although that project stems from all the stuff Keith and I talk (and sometimes argue) about there.

Speaking of Indigo, I’ll be posting in the Google group soon about the motivation mechanics and resolution mechanics. Hopefully, that will pick up some lost steam!

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