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44 by the numbers

It’s been three months since I released 44: A Game of Automatic Fear for free.

I’m pleased with the reaction so far. People played the game within a week of its release. I expect more will happen as time goes on.

Traffic to the 44 blog has been relatively steady, with the usual and expected initial release spike.

  • Page views were about 3,000 since October.
  • About 1,700 people visited the site (including this “main” blog). Slightly more than I would have guessed.
  • 366 people registered to my blog. Some percentage are certainly spam. But, nice!
  • I estimate around 250 PDF downloads, perhaps more.
  • There was notable activity from several countries, including the UK,  Italy, Spain, Poland and others.

Meanwhile, I’ve been pretty quiet and enjoying it. For one, I read most of the Pathfinder book, which was a hot and cold experience.

I’ve been thinking a lot about publishing and desiging RPGs, the indie scene, business and marketing. I have far more questions than answers, more problems than solutions. Still trying to figure out where and how to go from here.

44: A Game of Automatic Fear RPG now available for free

44: A Game of Automatic Fear

44: A Game of Automatic Fear

I’m pleased to announce that 44: A Game of Automatic fear is now available for free on this web site.

Visit the 44 page. Access to the free game does require registration at this site.


44 in layout

My newest game, 44: A Game of Automatic fear is currently in layout.

I’m doing several versions of the game in an effort to provide players formats they can use however they like. These include:

  • 6×9 PDF
  • 8.5×11 PDF
  • HTML pages (on this website)
  • A single HTML file of the entire game for offline use

I’m also toying with creating a 11×8.5 PDF version for on-screen reading and use.

The layout is styled heavily on a real-life booklet the U.S. Government put out in the 1950s about how to survive a nuclear attack. I pretty much stole the layout entirely; it’s really good. Plus, it lends a subtle, paranoid feel to the game.

The real trick will be making the game available to people who become members of my website. It will be free, and I ONLY use your email to let you know I put out more game material or games. No more than 1 email a month. Realistically, probably a couple emails per year.

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