The Ladykillers cover peek!

My newest RPG design, The Ladykillers, is ready for playtest. I’m actively looking for groups to playtest the game. Everyone in your group receives the full PDF copy for free, plus any other PDFs of my games you like, and a nod in the published version. I’m wrapping up layout now, and delighted with this cover design I put together:

Announcing The Ladykillers RPG

November is a month for creative projects completed within the month. So, in solidarity, I will release a new mini RPG this month! The Ladykillers You died before your time. At least for a while. Someone, somewhere gave you another chance. The woman you were has returned to the world. You’re free again. But it all comes with a heavy […]

Dust Devils now in Bundle of Holding offer!

I’m very proud to share that Dust Devils is now available in the latest Bundle of Holding offer. This is a pay-what-you want bundle for DRM-free PDFs that helps support charity! First, you get awesome games in this indie bundle, including Sorcerer, by Ron Edwards Annalise by Nathan Paoletta Mars Colony by Tim Koppang Dog Eat Dog by Liam Liwanag Burke […]

Dagger & Shadow RPG playtest now available

Dagger & Shadow is my upcoming game of thieves, swordplay, sorcery and dark alleys. I’ve started playtesting the “alpha” version. It includes the core rules for characters and game play. Meanwhile, I’m also working on the rules for running your own guilds and gangs. This section will kick the game up a notch with game play for factions. It lets […]

Dust Devils music

I stumbled on some great music for Dust Devils inspiration. It’s a band called The Builders & The Butchers. Their album Western Medicine is great! Also reminds me of the EP The Last Pale Light in the West by Ben Nichols. It’s directly inspired by Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridien. And, there’s always this atmospheric instrumental by Earth called Hex: Or […]

Announcing Dagger & Shadow RPG

I’m very excited about my game-in-development. It’s call Dagger & Shadow. It’s a fantasy RPG, a game of urban adventures filled with thieves, dark sorcery, and sword-play. The game is heavily influenced by Fritz Leiber’s fantastic Fafhrd and Gray Mouser series, along with a whole other batch of fun fantasy novels featuring thieves, assassins, swordsmen, and dark alley adventure. Another […]

Back in the saddle again

Hi everyone. An update is long overdue. First, on the Dust Devils front, I’m in the process of updating the PDFs so they’re more compatible with up-to-date technology. There are no real content changes here, but it should mean the PDF will work better on various digital devices. I’m still extremely proud of Dust Devils, and it continues to provide […]

Catching up

Things are pretty quiet for me on the game design front. Don’t count me out just yet. School’s in session The main cause is graduate school. I’m getting my MBA at a challenging university, working full time (and then some), and raising two kids with my wife. As you can imagine, things get crazy. And, when class is in session, […]

Illumination: Nine Worlds’ prologue

This is one of my favorite bits from Nine Worlds. It appeared as the book’s Prologue. ILLUMINATION “I know what you’re thinking, Alex,” Prometheus said. “Everyone wants to know two things when illumined. First, you’re going to ask me how this all started.” He waved his hands. “How the universe came to be like this. How you have any awareness […]