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Announcing The Ladykillers RPG

November is a month for creative projects completed within the month. So, in solidarity, I will release a new mini RPG this month!

The Ladykillers

You died before your time. At least for a while. Someone, somewhere gave you another chance. The woman you were has returned to the world. You’re free again. But it all comes with a heavy price. Call it justice. Call it God’s wrath. Curse it if you want. Redemption is out there. Release. Peace. You would kill for that. And you’ll have to.

A Role-playing Game

The Ladykillers is a role-playing game. You take on the role of a lady returned from the grave as an assassin.

Your ladykiller’s job is to take out everyone on the hitlist. They are monsters. Sometimes literally. They probably deserve it. The thing is, you’ll see some other people along the way that might get hurt. No one said it would be easy.

Play with your friends. One of you will be the guide, and her job is to push the other players toward their goals and portray all the other supporting characters, friend or foe. Everyone else plays her own ladykiller.

Playing is easy. You spend most of your time talking to each other about what happens in this imaginary story you’re all dreaming up together. And, there are some simple rules to make things more interesting.

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2 thoughts on “Announcing The Ladykillers RPG

  1. I shared your Playtest on my blog:

    Please let me know, if this not ok.

    I can’t promise anything, but I’m also interested in playtesting The Ladykillers. Next Friday I go to a convention …

  2. Hi, Ingo. Yes, posting the link is fine. I hope you enjoy the game. Please share any problems you have with it. Thanks! -Matt

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