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Dagger & Shadow RPG playtest now available

Dagger & Shadow is my upcoming game of thieves, swordplay, sorcery and dark alleys. I’ve started playtesting the “alpha” version. It includes the core rules for characters and game play.

Meanwhile, I’m also working on the rules for running your own guilds and gangs. This section will kick the game up a notch with game play for factions. It lets your group run their own guild and expand their influence and actions across the city.

If you’re interested in the alpha version for review or playtest, here’s the link:

Dagger & Shadow playtest alpha

Once the other section and game master advice is complete, I’ll issue a beta playtest. With enough feedback and a full game, I’ll get ready for publishing my first game in since 44. Very excited!

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2 thoughts on “Dagger & Shadow RPG playtest now available

  1. My playgroup is about to sit down and record our first session of Dagger & Shadow. I’ll be sure and link you to the files once I’ve got them edited. Any further developing on this system yet? We are very excited to try out the city rules. For this game, I’m using the city of Haven from the Hawk & Fisher books by Simon R. Green. It seems likely to be a good fit.

    • Hi! Thrilled you’ll be trying it out. Currently, the guild rules aren’t yet ready for playtest. That’s coming in a couple months, likely.

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