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44: A Game of Automatic Fear now in print!

My game 44: A Game of Automatic Fear, which is a free online on this site, is now also available in print from

Get 44 for only $8!

44: A Game of Automatic Fear

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8 thoughts on “44: A Game of Automatic Fear now in print!

  1. Excellent news. It seems that maybe, just maybe, Nine Worlds might also make an appearance? I’d like to order both at the same time if possible. Is that something I should be waiting on?

  2. Not in the immediate future. I would consider doing it. However, the format size of the book is an issue. I would have to re-layout to fit correct trim sizes at Lulu. It’s a someday project at this point.

  3. guilhermemoraes on said:


    I had the opportunity to read the 44 and I must say, I was very excited about the idea, mainly because I always wanted to run like Blade Runner and I believe that the game can be fine tuned for it.
    Anyway, I am the founder of a small RPG publisher in Brazil and want to know if you can authorize us to translate it for the Brazilian Portuguese. The translation, editing and publishing by us and this version will be distributed free on our website.
    If you are interested, please contact me by email

    Thanks and congrats. And I already found myself want to read Dust Devils.

  4. Good day, everyone.

    Now I want to make free fan translation of “44” game to (native for me) russian language.

    What you thinking about it?

    • Hello Andrey,

      You’re welcome to create a custom version of 44. Please include a credit to my original game if you do so.


  5. Thank you, Matt.

    Of course, we (me and my team) keep all of your author credits in our translation.

    May I get anything “source materials” (text, cliparts, layout templates) of “44” from you, for more correct and full re-use it in russian version of “44” pdf document?

  6. Lorxus Sevlim on said:

    It doesn’t seem to be available here anymore. Was this intentional? The game sounds really interesting.

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