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44 by the numbers

It’s been three months since I released 44: A Game of Automatic Fear for free.

I’m pleased with the reaction so far. People played the game within a week of its release. I expect more will happen as time goes on.

Traffic to the 44 blog has been relatively steady, with the usual and expected initial release spike.

  • Page views were about 3,000 since October.
  • About 1,700 people visited the site (including this “main” blog). Slightly more than I would have guessed.
  • 366 people registered to my blog. Some percentage are certainly spam. But, nice!
  • I estimate around 250 PDF downloads, perhaps more.
  • There was notable activity from several countries, including the UK,  Italy, Spain, Poland and others.

Meanwhile, I’ve been pretty quiet and enjoying it. For one, I read most of the Pathfinder book, which was a hot and cold experience.

I’ve been thinking a lot about publishing and desiging RPGs, the indie scene, business and marketing. I have far more questions than answers, more problems than solutions. Still trying to figure out where and how to go from here.

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6 thoughts on “44 by the numbers

  1. “For one, I read most of the Pathfinder book, which was a hot and cold experience.”

    Hot: Pretty!
    Cold: 3.51!

    Or something else?

  2. Hi buzz.

    It was more like:

    Hot: Guns blazing D&D. Great. I like it.

    Cold: Holy crud who needs a degree in skills? Streamline this monstrosity.

  3. “I’ve been thinking a lot about publishing and designing RPGs, the indie scene, business and marketing.”

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic. Your previous posts have been great.

  4. Hi Tim. Hope all’s well.

    Right now, I’m penning a “white paper” about how folks might form a marketing co-operative. Sounds like it’ll be something you want to check out once I get a draft ready.

  5. Matt,

    All is well. Thank you.

    Yes, I’d be very interested in the paper. Will that be something you’ll be posting here?

  6. Yes, I’ll post here either as blog entries, or just as a file download. Stay tuned!

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