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44 in layout

My newest game, 44: A Game of Automatic fear is currently in layout.

I’m doing several versions of the game in an effort to provide players formats they can use however they like. These include:

  • 6×9 PDF
  • 8.5×11 PDF
  • HTML pages (on this website)
  • A single HTML file of the entire game for offline use

I’m also toying with creating a 11×8.5 PDF version for on-screen reading and use.

The layout is styled heavily on a real-life booklet the U.S. Government put out in the 1950s about how to survive a nuclear attack. I pretty much stole the layout entirely; it’s really good. Plus, it lends a subtle, paranoid feel to the game.

The real trick will be making the game available to people who become members of my website. It will be free, and I ONLY use your email to let you know I put out more game material or games. No more than 1 email a month. Realistically, probably a couple emails per year.

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4 thoughts on “44 in layout

  1. Given that I want to score a copy of 44, how do I become a member of this site?

  2. Exciting news! 🙂

    Guess that answers that question.

  3. Seth, this will probably be confusing, but here goes:

    First, you just did become a member of this general blog by posting.

    Second, becoming a member of the 44 site … well, a work in progress. I’m working on it. Suffice to say, I’m not worried about YOU registering, because I know you. The point of the membership is to keep in touch with folks I don’t know. That way, I can contact them a few times over the year to invite them to check out more stuff.

    LONG STORY SHORT: I’ll email you a PDF when it’s ready.

  4. >LONG STORY SHORT: I’ll email you a PDF when it’s ready.

    Yay! That’s the important part!

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